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Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) Fix

i really like her, and she never emant all nerds are like that, she was just saying that some can be. and she didnt mean throwing up in a show is good or passing out next to a stranger is good, bc it defo isnt, but im just saying, she never meant to single any body out, she was just pretending to be a type of nerd. nerds CAN be popular and nerdy too, because i am a nerd and i have alot of friends, her video was just trying to say, nerds CAN get turned into something beautiful if they want, and nerds can be beautiful, she NEVER EVER meant to single a nerd out and ridicule them, you are just trying to make the worst out of something that was never meant to hurt. so please, shut the fuck up, mofo. also, i am not a katy perry only crazed fan, just saying she is really good and i am a fan, but i dont have her posters everywhere, im just saying i would like it if you left her alone because she never emant to hurt anybody hwith her not meant to be hurtful song that was jsut portraying what a friday night could do if you dont be careful, so leave her alone she didnt do anything, you are just trying to amke it seem like she has.

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

It's about "last friday night"! The party takes place on Friday which is associated with celebration of the end of a week. The song starts with "Kathy Beth Terry" (Katy Perry's ego)waking up - looking around and seeing what's left of a, obviously, crazy party. She knows that she'll be in trouble after finding "pictures of last night ended up online" but at the same time she doesn't care where it was such a fun night. The song continues with events that supposedly happened. The meaning itself is simple and fun, just like the beat of the song!

Some people reading WAAAAAAY too much into this. It's a Katy Perry song. It's not a Chidi Anagonye song. The song doesn't even make sense on a base level. "Last Friday night" is repeated over and over and over, and yet there's several points making it clear the song is about "last night". Nobody says "last Friday night" on the same Saturday. And it's not Saturday. It's Friday. So the party she's cleaning up from took place on Thursday. There is no depth to this song, only boppy nonsense. 041b061a72


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