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Buy Winter Park Lift Tickets

All lift tickets and passes are issued on plastic cards with integrated chip technology. Once placed in your ski coat or pants, the pass will be detected as you enter the lift terminal 'gate' and the barrier will automatically open to let you through.

buy winter park lift tickets


When you purchase a Winter Park Resort lift ticket through, our Mountain Travel Experts will make sure you get the most out of your pass. To unlock the best deals on Winter Park lift tickets, bundle them with discounted lodging as well as other vacation components such as ground transportation, flights, ski lessons, and rental equipment.

With so many lift tickets on offer at Winter Park, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. We've put together a comparison of all the lift tickets based on price, resort access and ski days so you can find a lift ticket that's right for you.

January and February are a great time to visit Winter Park, outside of holiday weekends. Locals here enjoy a wonderfully long ski season, the high elevation soon turns the peaks white once fall turns to winter. Generally, the slopes and lifts on the lower parts of the mountain are open for a full five months, sometimes even a little longer, from mid-November to late-April. As with all of Colorado, the best months for snow are January and February. It takes a big dump of powder before the expert-only terrain at the top of the mountain is ready to be shred, so if this is a big draw for you then time your visit during February. While weekdays can be surprisingly quiet, weekends can see droves of skiers and snowboarders from Denver descend on Winter Park Resort, particularly during the peak season of December to February.

  • Purchasing multi-day lift tickets on-line before the season starts is very cost effective if you're planning to ski consecutive days during the season.

  • Once the season starts, lift tickets can be purchased at the Balcony House at the Winter Park Base, and at the ticket windows at Mary Jane's Base.


Purchase lift tickets at the Balcony House ticket windows, located adjacent from the Zephyr Lift at the Winter Park Base, or at the ticket counter at the Mary Jane Base. Some Colorado retail centers carry discounted lift tickets as well, such as King Soopers. Discounted multi-day tickets are available for sale on the Winter Park Resort website; this is very cost effective if you're planning to ski for two or more consecutive days, and prices vary depending on number of days and in which season designation. Season passes are also available for sale on their website, with the best prices available until the season starts.

Our Winter Park vacation rentals are located in close proximity to the iconic Mary Jane Territory. Many of our properties are a short, 15-20 minute drive along Route 40 to the base of Mary Jane. There is also public transportation available via shuttle from the Fraser Station. Find the perfect winter park cabin rental here. To find seasonal ski passes and lift tickets for the Mary Jane territory, click here to find more information and begin planning your run down the slopes.

Good morning, We are visiting Winter Park Dec 25-Dec 31. I was curious if it was cheaper/better to purchase lift tickets in advance vs day of? Also, are the half day tickets a better deal/option? I saw a 4 day ticket option for $369 currently and wasn't sure if I should snag it.

Half day tickets are always the worst possible deal. $369 for four days lift tickets at any time of year is a real steal. That price during holidays is quite unbelievable. If it's true, grab it. But make sure that price is valid during holiday.

I would not count on buying discounted lift tickets at King Soopers. I called a local store and they are not selling them. The manager didn't think they sold them last year either and said the discount was only $10-$15 when they did sell them.

Skiing and snowboarding may not be cheap hobbies to pick up, but despite the cost of equipment and full-day lift tickets, there are plenty of ways to save money. After all, who wants to pay $200-plus to hit the slopes when they can have the adventure for much less?

Local outdoor shops and ski outfitters are also a good option when looking for free or cheap lift tickets, and some places even offer discounted lift tickets and rentals when buying at the shop. For example, in Utah, Canyon Sports and AJ Motion Sports offer discounts.

Websites such as and offer discounts, and you can look up lift tickets based on where you want to go and when. Often rentals and lessons are also listed, and over 250 North American resorts are represented.

For a membership fee, there are ski clubs that offer discounted tickets. Indy Pass is one. Starting at $369, members get passes for two days each at over 120 independent ski areas across the U.S., Canada and Japan. Plus, if you stay a third day you get 25% off the lift ticket.

Mountain Sports Club gives premium members BOGO two-for-one lift tickets plus savings on lodging, travel, shopping and more with personalized daily coupons. This company works in tandem with Indy Pass, and some deals garner memberships for both companies.

In the east, the Ikon pass offers full access to a wide collection of ski resorts, from Loon Mountain, Killington and Sunday River, among others. Skiers who spend serious time mining New England will want to consider the Ikon Pass. Ikon passholders also receive the ability to purchase up to 10 single-day lift tickets at 25% off for friends and family. This discount is valid at all Ikon Pass destinations.

Here's how it works: with the purchase of the pass, skiers are granted access to two free days at each ski destination. There are 10 North American destinations that include 17 mountains, which are listed below in a table.The Mountain Collective remains one of the best ways to put together two ski trips a season at a very attractive price. A trip to Jackson Hole and a trip to Aspen, with five lift tickets between each of them, could by itself top $850, if a skier is buying tickets at the window. Add in more days and the savings continue to mount. It doesn't take much to make the Collective a worthwhile investment.

Perhaps the best part of the deal is the deal you get for additional lift tickets after your two days at each destination. These tickets are discounted 50% at the ticket counter as long as supplies last. Not only does mean you're not limited to just two days at each destination but it means that the MCP can be used as a local pass.

Here's the math: If Jackson is your local mountain, you'll use your two days early in the season and each additional day will be just $65, rather than the full priced $130. With a season pass to Jackson priced at $1760, you would need to ski 23 days before you'd lose money on the MCP. By the time you've skied four days at Jackson using the MCP you've already saved money in comparison to buying daily lift tickets.

This is our guaranteed lowest price on lift tickets all season long. Flex Lift Tickets allow you to save on your lift tickets now and decide your arrival date later. Once activated, you can ski the next 2 out of the next 4 days, 3 out of the next 5 days, or 4 out of the next 6 days. Book the lowest price on lift tickets now.

Those 65 and older can purchase a senior pass for $430. Seniors can also purchase discounted lift tickets, with seniors ages 65 to 79 receiving a discount. Seniors age 80 or older are eligible for a free lift ticket.

Winter Park ResortWinter Park Resort offers a discount on daily and multi-day lift tickets for seniors above the age of 70. Winter Park offers Platinum Tracks, open to skiers ages 50 and up, for senior skiers who want to sharpen their skills, ski new terrain and meet new friends who share the same passions. For more information, visit

Those between the ages of 65 and 79 can get a senior pass which costs $910. The Palmyra Pass, for skiers 80+, grants free and unlimited access to Telluride. Seniors above the age of 65 also receive a discount on daily and multi-day lift tickets, available online with prices varying throughout the season.

Skiers between the ages of 62 and 68 can purchase a season pass for $359. Super Seniors (69+) pay only $20 to ski all season. Monarch offers a discount on daily lift tickets, with seniors ages 62-68 paying $59 for a full-day lift ticket. For more information, visit

Senior skiers over the age of 65 at Kendall Mountain can receive a discount on the 2019-20 season pass for $180 and daily and multi-day lift tickets for $17. For more information, visit

Seniors between the ages of 65 and 79 can buy a season pass for the 2019-20 season for $239. Golden Seniors (age 80+) pay only $20. Granby Ranch offers discounts for seniors on daily lift tickets, with rates varying throughout the season. For more information, visit

For those 70 or older that want to ski at Eldora, a season pass costs $379 for unlimited skiing and riding. Eldora also offers seniors over the age of 65 a discount on daily lift tickets. For more information, visit

Discounts on daily lift tickets are offered for seniors as well. Seniors between the ages of 60 and 69 can ski at Cooper for $30, while Super Seniors (70-79) pay only $20. For more information, visit

A-Basin also offers discounted daily lift tickets for seniors. Seniors (age 70+) can ski for $40, while semi-seniors (age 60-69) can receive a varied discounted rate throughout the season. For more information, visit

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, though, there are good reasons to opt for half a loaf, with half-day lift tickets. Saving money. Avoiding peak ski traffic on Interstate 70. Leaving time for other mountain activities.

Aspen Snowmass: At the four Aspen mountains, you can get a partial-day lift ticket beginning at noon. You can also buy a full-day lift ticket in the morning, return the ticket by 12:30 p.m. and get a refund for only skiing part of the day. Partial-day tickets vary in price from $93 to $120. The price now through Feb. 14 is $107, as compared with the full-day ticket window price of $159. Information: 041b061a72


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