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Autologous PRP injections were reportedly first used in 1987 in an open heart surgery [30]. Over 20 years ago, PRP was used in the dental field for promoting accelerated wound healing in cancer patients following jaw reconstruction. Physicians have used PRP to aid bone healing after spinal injury and soft tissue recovery following plastic surgery. PRP therapy gained broad popularity in early 2009, when it was reported that two of the Pittsburgh Steelers received PRP for their ankle injuries before their triumph at the Super Bowl. Due to the media attention, PRP became an accepted though unproven treatment for sports-related injuries [31]. Currently, PRP injections are being used in various applications, including orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery, cosmetics, facio-maxillary surgery and urology [10]. As a result, multiple studies are now underway to understand PRP's mechanism of action, refine the treatment, and formally demonstrate efficacy in placebo-controlled trials.

Super Sports Surgery Download 10 Mb

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The role of PRP in the directed stimulation of musculoskeletal and mesenchymal stem cells is being widely investigated and shows promise as a short-term use agent that may assist in the simultaneous healing of several musculoskeletal tissues after trauma or elective surgery. PRP is not uniformly successful as an adjuvant to bone grafting procedures. The potential role of PRP in healing musculoskeletal injuries, especially in elite athletes, is an exciting frontier that may eventually lead to superior therapies, but a healthy amount of caution should be exercised until clinical evidence is established. Continued research is required to optimize its preparation and use during surgery, to evaluate relative effectiveness of various techniques and to determine the best ways to use it to improve healing.


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