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The people who have played SHOTAxMONSTERS will always tell you about what an addictive kind of game it is. It has three difficulty levels and I started on easy, but found it far too easy. The middle one is what you want as it has a perfect difficulty curve. You will need to explore the land, travel to dungeons fight monsters, collect monsters and manage your party. It is all fun stuff and it never feels tedious which some lewd RPGs struggle with.

SHOTA x MONSTERS Free Download PC Game

I know that if you only want to see chicks getting it on and getting naked that SHOTAxMONSTERS is probably not going to be for you. However, this is a very well made and fun game and a game that I had a good time with. It features a fun story and some very interesting and likable characters and monsters to interact with too.

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