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Guide To Play Asian Handicap (1x2) in Football Betting

For those who are new to the betting market, there are certain types of odds that are essential to understand. In this article, Wintips will introduce you to what the Asian Handicap is and betting tips of the day how to read this type of odds correctly.

What is the Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap (1×2 odds) is the odds used by bookmakers to determine which team is stronger or weaker. This is one of the most common types of odds at present bookmakers. With this type of odds, players need to have skills and a thorough understanding to accurately predict the outcome of the match.

The Asian Handicap has 3 betting options: Win – Lose – Draw. You can choose to bet on your favorite team. However, it's best to rely on the odds to choose the team to bet on.

How to Read the Asian Handicap?

After understanding what the Asian Handicap is, you need to know how to read this odds. To easily read the Asian Handicap, you need to understand the symbols on the odds table.

How to read the Asian Handicap:

1: Home Team (Home Team): Bet on the home team to win, and if the team wins, you win this bet.

X: Draw: If the score is a draw, the player betting on the draw wins.

2: Away Team (Away Team): Bet on the away team to win; if the away team wins, you win this bet.

There are currently 2 main types of Asian Handicap:

FT.1X2: Asian Handicap odds for the entire match.

1H.1X2: Asian Handicap odds for the first half.

Based on the odds with only 3 betting options, the winning rate is only 33.33%. For beginners, this is a reasonable betting level to participate in. As for experienced players who know about betting tips but may not have much information, the Asian Handicap is also a reasonable choice to play.

What is the Asian Handicap – Example of how to read the Asian Handicap

Example: You bet 100,000 on one of the 3 options: Liverpool wins, Everton wins, or the two teams draw. So, there could be 3 possible outcomes for this bet:

If the home team Liverpool wins:

The odds for Liverpool to win set by the bookmaker are 3.4 and you bet 100,000.

If Liverpool wins, the winning amount will be: 100,000 × 3.4 = 340,000.

If Liverpool loses, you will lose all your money.

If the away team Everton wins:

The odds for Everton to win are 7.8, and you bet 100,000.

If Everton wins, the winning amount will be: 100,000 × 7.8 = 780,000.

If Everton loses, you will lose all your money.

If the match ends in a draw:

The odds for both teams to draw are 5.0, and you bet 100,000.

If both teams draw, you win, and the winning amount will be: 100,000 × 5.0 = 500,000.

If either Liverpool or Everton wins or loses, you will lose the bet amount you placed.

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The most standard experience in playing Asian handicap odds

Bookmakers often offer very high odds for the weaker team. Bookmakers will always seek to maximize profit, and internet users are referred to as the type of enticing odds. They lure players to bet on the underdog with the most favorable odds.

If you win, you will earn a very large betting amount. Betting on a draw also brings in a considerable profit. But fundamentally, winning in these two scenarios is not easy.

The experience of betting on Asian handicap odds is to place bets 3-5 days before the match takes place. During this period, bookmakers rarely adjust the odds. Only when the match day approaches, bookmakers will continuously change the odds.

You can bet on multiple outcomes instead of just one. Betting on only one outcome will make it easy to fall into the bookmakers' trap when the two teams are evenly matched. You should not choose odds based on your own intuition.

You can accurately analyze football odds from expert opinions. And be alert before choosing odds! Do not rely on the majority of bets because this can easily fall into traps when there is misleading information. Study the football teams thoroughly before playing Asian handicap odds regarding issues such as form, players, and venue.


These are the insights into what Asian handicap odds are, as summarized by experts from Wintips. Hopefully, knowing what Asian handicap odds are and having experience betting tips app download in playing 1×2 football odds at bookmakers, players in this market will find it easier to achieve victory


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