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Sergei Filatov
Sergei Filatov

Red Gate SQL Data Compare Serial Number: A Guide to Comparing and Deploying SQL Server Data

We still have the licencing dialog box and the function to run unattended but we can now click a button to queue up all the jobs which will be run in the background (once the server restarts). We also have the option to reject the jobs after they have run - which will still trigger the changes to be logged for review - we can turn this off if the data is so perfect we dont need to be able to check it again.

Red Gate Sql Data Compare Serial Number

With the new location in SQL Data Compare of all the jobs, data, and log files you can use Red Gate Data Compare's command line tool to see if the data has changed after each change. You can set a list of jobs to run to speed this up and view the changes before they are applied - and then of course reverting the changes after review.

Once you get familiar with this - its a very quick and efficient way to run each run through a set of table comparisons. This can be used at any stage of the import process to make sure you dont lose any data - for example, if your data is coming into your DB from a flat file, you can run through all the rows in the file and validate the columns are in the right order and that any data exists before deserializing and loading into tables.

While the ability to validate through a file and check the columns and data is the primary value, one thing I have not seen well explained elsewhere is how to compare through a list. For example, the Default Compiled Scripts page has a filter to drill down to only specific scripts (which it shows in a lovely little tree) but if you have over 100 scripts to compare and the filter is useful for some and not others, its very hard to sort out.


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