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Luca Richardson
Luca Richardson

Plants Vs Zombies Pc Download Full Versionl ((TOP))

use your gardening, your blue plants, your balloons, and your bombs to take down your enemies. youll get access to your arsenal of gardening and zombie fighting plants as the story unfolds. grab these deadly seeds to protect your home before all-out zombie warfare begins!

Plants Vs Zombies Pc Download Full Versionl

in the game you get a pack of zombies and an arsenal of deadly gardening plants. plants vs zombies is a strategy game for lovers of puzzles and zombie-battling action. use an arsenal of wonderful and complex plant-growing tools to turn a pack of zombies into soil. as you build walls, flowers, stones, and more, your pack of zombies will get smaller and youll be able to level them up to fend off more and more enemies.

each plant has a different lifespan, level-up, and role in the team. peashooters are the basic powerhouse of your team, armed with their unique cannons. once you fire, your target will instantly explode in a spectacular fashion. peashooters can even deflect bullets with their cannons. gourds have high health and can absorb bullets for you, which allows you to deflect bullets back at your opponents.

on the defensive side of the fence, sunflowers can dry out enemies with their powerful gaze. radishes are the quick-fix plants, armed with their sharp radish swords, and can surprise even the most powerful zombies with a quick attack. finally, if you find yourself overrun by a zombie wave, try the green bean. thanks to its special attack, plants can freeze zombies and keep them frozen in ice. this can either slow down zombies, or damage them and weaken them.

choose from dozens of lawn legends like sunflower, peashooter, beanstalk and stratosphere. each has a unique ability and role on your team, so learn the roles of each lawn legend and enjoy using them to form your perfect lawn strategy.


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