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Pearl Jam-Ten Full Album 17

The album packaging is similar to the previous official live compilation. Photos of the band in concert are featured on the inside of the cover. A gatefold opens to reveal photos of the road crew and full colour reproductions of various concert posters from the band's tours of this era.

Pearl Jam-Ten full album 17


Nevertheless, Ten remains impressive and occasionally moving 18 years later, even gentrified with a shiny reissue. The public perception of the album is watered down thanks mainly to the excision of "Alive", "Jeremy", and "Even Flow" as singles. The latter two may be the album's least remarkable tracks: "Jeremy" is the most pat Freudian psychodrama on an album full of them, and "Evenflow" romanticizes homelessness as spiritually transcendent. But "Alive" remains potent not only because Vedder touches on some seriously transgressive shit here (dead fathers, hints at incest, survivor guilt), but mostly because the band rock the hell out of that coda.

The song choice was fitting considering Ten was the only album Krusen recorded with the band. He was only part of the band for seven months; however, was still inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Pearl Jam. Though Krusen did perform with his former bandmates during the ceremony, this was the first concert he played with them in 31 years. See the full set list here and check out some footage from the show below.

Individual downloadable songs for Rock Band and Rock Band 2 are typically priced at $2, with full albums usually offered as a discounted bundle. For example, No Doubt's 13-track compilation The Singles 1992-2003 was collectively sold for $20.Chris FaylorChris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.


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