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Nike Vr Pro Driver Review

Writing this review to post a serious contender to today's driving market. The Nike VR Pro driver has the feel of a Titleist and the distance of a TaylorMade 430. Truly forgiving, never hit more fairways and never been more accurate with my driver. I've tried everything and I mean everything from 2009 oldie driver's to 2018 newbies. Nothing produces like these.

nike vr pro driver review

I owned this driver and it had been solid for me. About 10-15 yards longer than my previous diablo octane tour driver. The only thing is that it broke while i was hitting on the range. The shaft had snapped near the STRAIGHT-FIT system. Hopefully NIKE can replace it for me.

I liked the idea of the smaller 380cc Victory Red Tour driver (the one without the adjustable hosel). I am all for adjustability, but the size of modern drivers is unwieldy to me. Even 380cc is huge to me. I like using drivers of the past that were 300cc or less.

I wish Nike went with a hosel like the titleist. Not as noticeable and easy settings.That being said I keep hearing that this is one of the longest drivers out there and I am happy to hear that it is fairly forgiving.

To the one star reviewer that called Nike's warranty junk, you are a fool. My VR Pro shaft snapped and they replaced it free of charge, even though I bought it used. They were awesome about it. I don't know what you mean by the bottom collapsing? Never heard of this. Anyways, this driver is awesome. It's extremely consistent and it's a real bomber, too. I switched to this driver after exclusively playing TM drivers for the past 3-4 years. The sound (and perceived feel) are awful, but you'll get used to it.

Nike drivers are poor quality. The bottom of the drivers is frequently known to collapse. This may not be a problem for tour pros that replace their drivers as necessary, at no cost, but it is a real problem for the buying public. Additionally, Nike does not honor their warranty of their drivers. The warranty clearly states that the driver is warranted against all manufacturing defects. The bottom collapse will not be repaired or replaced by Nike. Buyers beware, be very aware! Nike will not be there when you need them!

Awesome Driver !!Well, I just finished a round with this driver and I must say I was quite impressed with it. This is the longest and most consistent driver I have hit thus far and I have hit quite a few. I played with my brother who hits his driver about the same distance as me and today I was 10-15 yards longer than him. He also was quite impressed. I was hitting power fades and still managed to drive the ball about 250-260 yds a couple of times at 270 yds. I know it was only one round but so far so good.

FROM NIKE The Nike VR Pro Limited Forged driver utilizes a new Nike innovation, the NexCOR face technology. NexCOR face technology maximizes distance for the widest range of players through a new speed-expanding multi-face thickness design. The NexCOR infinity design creates a bridge for an ultra-thin, ultra-hot face and unmatched ball speed.

OVERALL The new Nike Pro Limited Edition Forged driver has it all, I simply could not find a single issue with perfomance. The look, shape and size inspire supreme confidence the established golfer will appreciate. Simply put, DO NOT purchase your next Tour caliber driver without giving this model a good workout.

I was wondering if you could help me out with something, I am try to find out how much it cost when this driver came out? I bought my Husband one from someone. So I am trying to find out the cost to see how I did. If you would get back to me it would be great. Thank you if you can help.

Building the perfect driver was a long way off (and still is), but Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G30. When it was released, the driver was a powerful testament to his vision. Its rear-CG design created great distance on good and bad shots, and it was also a very straight driver. The G30 sold incredibly well and, as a result, the industry mostly shifted away from forward-CG drivers.

One way to explain the improved launch conditions is that I hit the G400 drivers more consistently. As you can see in the Trackman dispersion chart, I hit the G400 and G400 LST drivers straighter on average than the G and G LST. Is that its slightly enhanced forgiveness shining through? Maybe, maybe not.

The full name of the Nike VR Pro driver is actually the Nike Victory RedPro, but that's a mouthful. Most people - and even Nike itself - justcall this club the VR Pro. But no matter which name you prefer, doesthis driver have the potential to help you play like a pro?

Well, maybe. You'll have to keep reading to find out. But even ifit does, it won't come cheap because the Nike VR Pro driver has awhopping big list price of $480. With a price like that, along withplaying endorsements by tour stars Carl Pettersson, Francesco Molinariand Stephen Ames, this club was practically begging for a test drive.So, I decided to "just do it," as Nike says.

A big demo day wasrecently held in my area, and I set out to test as many of Nike'scurrent clubs as I could. When I arrived, I grabbed the particulardriver I wanted to test - a 10.5 degree with a regular flex Project Xgraphite shaft (it's also available in 8.5, 9.5 and 11.5 degree lofts).But before I headed for the tee, I asked the "demo dude" for a littlebackground on the club. He told me the current Nike VR Pro driver isactually the second generation of this club. According to him, thefirst version came out in 2010, and this one was introduced early in2011. He also told me the driver is designed for players who wantcutting-edge technology, tour-caliber performance and the ability toshape their shots. Silently, I added that you have to have a chunk ofcash to take advantage of all of this.

This driver is adjustable, and the adjustmentmechanism on some adjustable drivers can be distracting at address.This club, however, has a classic pear shape (love it!) and the STR8-FITsystem's adjustable hosel collar is black to make it less distracting.The overall effect is probably as traditional an appearance at addressas is currently possible in an adjustable driver. Solid black fromabove, the club gave me a sense of confidence while I was standing overthe ball.

Swinging the club made my confidence even stronger.Once I adjusted the club properly, I was able to work the ball right orleft on demand. In other words, the driver felt like a "player's club."On the whole, my drives went slightly farther and with a morepenetrating flight than with many other drivers I've tested.

Feeland sound at impact were solid and reassuring. I've always thoughtadjustable drivers have been over-hyped, but I was pleased with theoverall performance of the Nike VR Pro driver once I got its settingsright. By adjusting the club's face angle to open or closed, I used theSTR8-FIT system to promote a fade or a draw. You could also fix aslice by setting the face in a closed position. There are 32 differentlie and face angle options, so tweaking the club for your swing and shotpreference can be a chore. Adjustments are physically easy to makewith the wrench that's included with the club.

Once I found theright STR8-FIT settings the Nike VR Pro driver became remarkablyforgiving. I didn't lose a ton of yardage on my mishits - not anywherenear as much as I lose with my own driver. When I asked the "demo dude"about the club's forgiveness, he explained that it was probably due tothe "Variable Compression Channel" Nike built into the club to increaseball velocity no matter where impact occurs.

The Bottom Line:The Nike VR Pro driver is an attractive, confidence-inspiring clubthat can deliver longer-than-average distance and good forgiveness onmishits. Finding the right settings will take some work, but once youdo, this club's adjustability allows you to dial in your preferred shotshape and trajectory. While no one can "buy a game," the Nike VR Prodriver might help you play like a pro. It's Nike's best driver by far,so I suggest you give it a test drive yourself.

I have a confession to make. I love Nike drivers. That's not to say I've been a huge fan of the sound, or the feel, or in some cases the look, but what it comes to what matters most (PERFORMANCE), it's hard to argue with what Nike has done over the last couple of years. While not every one of our testers would agree with me, for my money, 2 of the top 4 drivers we've had in for review over the last 1.5 years or so have been from Nike.


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