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Kuzma Kononov
Kuzma Kononov

Soundflower Mac Yosemite

Here I have just downloaded an app called Jackpilot and miraculously the weird greyed-out message has disappeared from soundflower. Audacity is now recording properly, both with and without Jackpilot.

Soundflower Mac Yosemite

Download File:

No I have not changed any other settings in soundflower. Have checked all my System Preferences and Gmail Settings. Its strange. As I can see all youtube videos, etc clearly, so I am sure its not the video card. So what could possibly be wrong? I have tried from a different account too. Yet whoever I videochat they can see me, but I get that greenish X-ray Image. Simply cannot solve this puzzle. See if you can think of anything else. Thanks anyways ?

It works with my 34um95. But it sometimes stops working after wake up. One thing I found is you can control the volume of the warning sound without using soundflower. Only the warning sound though. Nothing else. There must be a way to control the volume without soundflower but don't know how.


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