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Luca Richardson

6. The Good, The Bad And The Lucky

None of us are lucky all of the time, but there's not doubt that some people tend to be luckier than others. You might say, it's not fair. Or you might take a look at how they look at life and ask yourself whether it's the way they see the world that is helping them get luckier in it. The truth is that lucky people aren't lucky by sheer accident. They're lucky because of the mindset they bring to life. A mindset that accepts bad luck as inevitable but good luck as something we create by sheer hard work, bravery and optimism.

6. The Good, the Bad and the Lucky

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Too often we lean too heavily on left brain logic alone. So if you've made a few unlucky decisions think about where you could be tuning in more to your intuition and asking yourself "Does this feel right?" Of course it's not about throwing out the logic-baby with the bathwater, but it's about tuning into that 'sixth' sense rather than ignoring it. As research shows, when it comes to the really big decisions in life, over analyzing things can actually lower your odds of making the best decision. Studies have found that your brain discerns subtle, complex patterns that go beyond conscious understanding.

I recall the time that I was held up in an armed robbery when I was 19 weeks pregnant with my first child - then ten days later finding out that my unborn baby had died. My world turned on its axis for a while because I just thought bad unlucky things like that didn't happen to me. Yet, alas, they clearly did. However, I vividly recall in the months that followed making a very conscious decision not to buy into a sense of victimhood. Sure, I'd had two pretty unlucky things happen back to b