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Kuzma Kononov
Kuzma Kononov

Libar [2015].7z

The official, informal 7z file format specification is distributed with 7-Zip's source code since 2015. The specification can be found in plain text format in the 'doc' sub-directory of the source code distribution.[3] There have been additional third-party attempts at writing more concrete documentation based on the released code.[4]

Libar [2015].7z


What it looks like to me is that the Purge is working according to the Event Log, but that perhaps I am keeping too much stuff. I assumed that the 3 revisions mean the Virus Definition dates (Such as Wednesday, June 10, 2015 r66 is one revision, in this case revision 66). Is that incorrect? Should I purge instead by date (older than 30days for instance?) 041b061a72


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