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BEST 1 TNT Every Seconds SCRIPT (Inf Wins, AFK...


Note that based on the search algorithm, at best only 98.3% of spawn attempts will succeed. Therefore, it is impossible to build a farm in which iron golems spawns occur on average every 35 seconds. Since iron golems drop 4 ingots on average, the highest possible average ingots per hour is 4 * 3600 / 35 * .983 = 404. Actual rates of farms typically fall in range of 240-400. (See Maximizing Rates below.)

This is the exact opposite of what should be done though - it will only hurt players who fish "legitly"; instead, they should do something like what I did to mob spawners - I greatly increased their spawn rates as well as types of mobs spawned so dungeons are actually a challenge but they only spawn a limited number of mobs before they stop dropping loot and XP (generously set at 50) after which they have a recovery period; generally, this is enough so that when you come across a dungeon while caving it will never "burn out", so players who only see dungeons/spawners as a small challenge are not deprived of the rewards from fighting the mobs, but if somebody tries to exploit them for a farm they will get very poor results after an initial burst (they will spawn one mob every 30 seconds which drops loot and XP, which will again reset the timer until the next mob; mobs that have their drops disabled do not count. For comparison, in vanilla a mob spawner spawns up to 4 mobs every 25 seconds on average, while I have them spawn up to 6 mobs as often as every 10 seconds, or 3.75 times the spawn rate. Once drops have been disabled/limited the rate effectively decreases to about 5 times slower than vanilla).Likewise, I made iron golems, zombie pigmen, wither skeletons, and witches only drop valuable loot (iron, gold, coal, redstone/glowstone) when a player kills them - it is still entirely possible to farm them but you must actually work to get the rewards (Mojang actually attempted this for iron golems and pigmen in a 1.8 snapshot but the backlash was so great they were forced to revert it - this would only real hurt those mega farms that give you thousands (or even tens of thousands) of drops per hour, more than anybody can reasonably use, and you can still stand there tossing potions of harming at a group of mobs to kill many of them at once. Also, I added a "Smelting" enchantment so you can use Fortune on iron and gold ore (they drop ingots instead of themselves), which helps offset this and give players more incentive to go caving as it it is only found in chest loot - after all, the game is called "Mine"craft).Yet another change I made that only affects farms is to greatly reduce the rate of mob spawning, which is still more than enough to maintain a full cap, even when flying around in Creative, but it reduces the spawn rates per chunk (25% of chunks attempt to spawn a pack per spawn cycle; if the cap is also unable to be maintained (mob farms work best when the mob cap is not reached as otherwise the game skips the entire spawn cycle) the rate of individual spawn attempts is reduced by a factor of 3 for a 12-fold reduction overall. Even then the mob cap is filled within seconds and I have not noticed any difference while playing; indeed, other changes make mobs more concentrated around the player, nearly doubling the number of mobs I've killed per play session while caving).As for fishing, there are several ways to implement a similar mechanic (if you fish in the same water block for too long/catch too many items it will reduce the rate of good loot, or perhaps just too long in general, set so not many players will fish for so long as to reduce the rate, certainly not hours, much like my changes to spawners - the rate of valuable loot and/or effect of Lure/Luck of the Sea can also be increased to benefit "legit" players more).Note that in all the cases mentioned you can still farm but it isn't so effective as to completely unbalance the game (that said, AFK fishing farms aren't quite as unbalanced as some of the other farm

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