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Senna Spy One Exe Maker 2000 2.0

Version 0.01of this simple Russian virus maker was released with issue #4 of the DVL e-zine. It is a CLI operated generator that creates batch viruses through a user configurable .CFG file. Version 0.02d was released with issue #6 of the DVL e-zine and is based on a Word 97 template and also creates batch viruses.They were created by the author of DPOG, DPVG, CTMWVCK and DVL. A hacked version of release 0.02d of this kit is known as MSCC.

Senna Spy One Exe Maker 2000 2.0

Download Zip:

Created during the "I Love You" virus/worm hype this kit creates VBS script worms for Windows Scripting Host (WSH). An early version was named "Evolution". This kit is similar to the Windows Scripting Host Virus Generator, The Simple WinScript Virus Kit and Senna Spy Internet Worm Generator 2000 (SSIWG).

VBSWG 0.01 - June 2000 VBSWG 0.80 - July 2000 VBSWG 0.90 - July 2000 VBSWG 0.91 - July 2000 VBSWG 0.95 - July 2000 VBSWG 1.00 - July 2000 VBSWG 1.10 - July 2000 VBSWG 1.50 - July 2000 VBSWG 1.50b - August 2000

Author's note: "The Virus Creation 2000 System (VC2000), is a virus creator designed for complex code generation, great configurability, and ease of use. There is only one file that you need, VC2000.EXE (which is presently under 22k). After asking you a series of questions, it will then create a MASM/TASM compatible assembly source code of your virus, along with a "MAKEVIR.BAT" which helps speed things along a bit. Another great option, is the virus detector, which you can custom configure. This will trap an interrupt, and when the virus calls the interrupt with DX equaling what you set it for, it will warn you and give you an option to halt the program." Version 0.97 comes with one virus and a VC2000 detector. The produced code does not contain any activation routines.

Late in summer 1992 the next virus toolkit software was published: the Virus Creation Laboratory or VCL. Behind VCL stands the Nowhere Man, a member of the American group of virus writers, NuKE. VCL is quite a remarkable product: it features a colorful graphical interface of nearly commercial quality with mouse control and drop-down menus, it is installed with a separate installation program and it is supplied with quite accurate and well-written documentation. VCL also contains the ICO and PIF files, with which it can be handily installed in the Windows Program Manager. It is possible to easily create several different kinds of viruses with VCL. From the menus one can choose between a COM file -infecting, a companion virus or an overwriting one. In addition to those, Trojan Horses and Logical Bombs can also be made with VCL. The Virus Creation Laboratory is an application of considerable versatility. By using it, it is possible to define exact activation conditions for a virus made with it, those being, for example, the date, time of the day, the number of infected files, a computer's country code, the version of DOS or the amount of available RAM. VCL presents many alternatives for the activation routine of a virus or a Trojan Horse. Selections mentioned on the menu are crashing the computer, a corruption of files, the printing of a freely chosen text on the screen or printer, the overwriting of whole disks and the playing of a music sample that can be freely composed. In addition to this, the user can add routines to the program's menu. When a user has chosen the desired options, VCL creates the assembler-language source code of a virus or a Trojan Horse on the disk. The user can, if he so wishes, edit it still further before compiling it into an executable form. Despite its great versatility, VCL has not become very popular among virus hobbyists. There are many reasons for this, but the most important probably is that the majority of anti-virus programs were able to find almost all the viruses made by VCL soon after it had been published. In fact, F-PROT recognized most of them even before VCL had been analyzed at all. The functionality of VCL at the hands of virus tinkers is further reduced by the fact that it occasionally makes viruses that do not work at all - most of the source codes it creates cannot even be compiled with an assembler compiler. The Nowhere Man has, however, announced that he is working on a new version of the program - a possible VCL for Windows is also speculated in the documentation of VCL 1.0. There are many interesting details to be found in the extensive documentation of VCL. Among other things, the Nowhere Man forbids the makers of anti-virus software from extracting search character strings from VCL or the viruses made by it. The initial package came with 8 viruses made with VCL and by now numerous viruses made with VCL are roaming the VX-boards. In April 1994 Firecracker (then NuKE) released his VCL Mutator intended to make VCL viruses unscannable again.

Author's quote: "YOFVG is a simple virus hacking kit, much like VCS (the very first virus maker) and VKit100 (allows you to make a windows virus). It took about an hour to write, including the virus code, and it was written in quickbasic. :

Google hacking. Google Hacking, also named Google Dorking, is a computer hacking technique that uses Google Search and other Google applications to find security holes in the configuration and computer code that websites use.007 Password Recovery.exe187 Final.exe5SKINNT.EXE95SSCRK.EXEserver.exeINIT.EXEa3i.exeabelkiller.exeAbsoluteTelnet.exeAccessPassword.exeAchilles.exeAckCmdC.exeAckCmdS.exead_aware.exeADIG.EXEadjustcr.exeAdonAi02.exeAdsubtract Se.exeAdvanced Zip Password Recovery.exeAenima.exeaf7.exeAG.exeAim Crack.exeAiM Options.exeAIM Pass.exeAim Shield.exeaim spam.exeAIM Utopia 2.0.exeaimpwd.exeAimPws.exeAllGonefull21T.EXEAmi Bios Dekoder.exeAnalogx Port Blocker.exeANONMAIL.EXEantibooter.exeAntiLock.exeAntiSpector.exearpinject.exeArpworks.exeAss Sniffer.exeAssimilation.ExeAt Home Speed Patch.exeAttacker.exeau2pong.exeAutoRespond.exeAvalanche.exeAward Bios Cracker.exeAuth Bypass 99.exeAVIRIP.EXEBack Orifice 2000.EXEBandwidth Meter 2001.exeBanshee Screamer.exeBarrio.exeBatch Editor.exebconv.exeBeatLm.exeBEER.EXEBeware Of Dog.exeBind.EXEBioNet.exebionix.exeBISSE.exeBitchX75p2-6.exeblast.exeBlinD.exeBlood Lust.exebloodhound 2.0.0 setup.exeBlueFire2.5.exebmb2.exebof_ocxs.exeBOMB.EXEBomba.exeBomber.exeBomsquad.exeboomcrack.exeBound File Detector.exeBoxScanner.exeBrutus b2.exeBuschtrommel.exeBUTTSniff.exeByte 4 Byte.exeBMP2TXT.EXEboping.exeBSM14.exeCain And Abel NT.exeCain And Abel.exeCanary.exeCcbill Local Cgi Exploiter.exeCHA0SCAN.EXEChanPro.exeChkLock.exeCHNTPW.EXEClassic Idle III.ExeCleareventlog.execlick4.exeClient 1.3.exeClient13a.exeClient_controller.exeClone Lab.exeseaport.exe - Step-by-Step Guide Ho...Please enable JavaScript

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