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Malfoozat Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi Pdf 19

Alahazrat imam ahmed raza khan barelvi page ahlesunnat.. ... had been started in the memory of ala hazrat ahmed raza khan, a reformer of the 19th century.. ... The book kanzul iman urdu pdf is books of ala hazrat ahmed raza khan books of ala hazrat ... Malfoozat e alahazrat books of ala hazrat ahmed raza khan slideshare.

malfoozat ahmed raza khan barelvi pdf 19

Mate, it is a good compilation however the difference between compilations and a well-researched paper is that in a compilation, we just copy paste what the others have written without taking the pain to verify that to the maximum. Now the school of thought that is called barelvi was actually in favour of Quaid e Azam and more than 7000 scholars of the same school of thought endorsed Pakistan movement even before anyone had the feeling that two-nation theory would be proven right in the form of creation of Pakistan. Moreover, the fatawa regarding Allama, Muhammad Ali Jouhar, Quaid e Azam etc. are not authentic as the fatwa about Quaid when I researched it was issued by a local imam masjid of Sharaqpur and none endorsed it. Similiary, Allama Iqbal was a staunch sufi follower and carried the same teachings that the barelvis have, Muhammad Ali Jouhar was no exception to the same and he was the first person to refute the house of saud in their face at the first khilafat conference that ibn e saud called after his capture of Hijaz so I hope my mate you would delve further into this matter. Ahmed Raza khan presented two-nation theory well before it started at a political level.


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