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Gold Matching Couples Necklaces elegant and of high-end

Gold holds a very unique meaning for most people. Metals represent the purity and value and a friendship ring is a perfect way to express your appreciation and love. Not all gold rings are created identical. There are many different shapes, colors, and designs for traditional and unique rings. A brief overview of the characteristics of this traditional metal.

Different gold alloys, colors and shades

The world's most diverse metal is in its many colors as gold is as diverse in its colors as. Gold in warm yellow is the most well-known alloy, and is commonly used in wedding rings that are classic. Cool white gold is similar to silver. There are many other gold shades. The most unique is red gold, which is made by combining gold and copper, which is typically used for rings when combined with red or white gold. Other alloys that are more rare are rose gold, or green gold. Blue gold or black gold can also be found on occasion. There are also variations in yellow and white alloys. It is worthwhile to compare the shades to determine the one that is most suitable to your taste. Basically, you should pay attention to allergies when choosing the right alloy. Since the friendship ring is meant to be worn for a long period of time.

The advantages and disadvantages of using gold as a metal to make friendship rings

In addition to the high symbolic value and the material value of the raw material, gold rings have the following advantages:

Gold is a soft metal that may be resized after the ring is created, if the fingers change during a person's life.

Metal comes in a variety of different colors.

Gold rings do not oxidize.

Gold rings with yellow gold will not discolor.

The disadvantages listed below are offset by this:

Gold rings are susceptible to dents, scratches and other signs.

Depending on the mixed metals used in the alloys (e.g. nickel) gold rings could cause allergies.

When compared to other metals gold rings are quite costly but not everyone is willing to spend that money on rings for friendship.

Alternatives to the gold ring

There is no alternative to the classic yellow gold friendship ring. Instead of the classy white gold ring, rings made from the less expensive metals silver and stainless steel are also a possibility. An elegant and contemporary alternative are friendship rings made of titanium or palladium. Ceramic and carbon on the other hand, are more unique.

Stainless steel and titanium - modern friendship rings

Friendship rings are usually made from materials that are less likely to be mistaken for wedding rings and don't create unnecessary questions. Steel looks modern and stylish, and it is easy to maintain and has sturdy properties. Another option is rings made of titanium which are becoming more popular as partner or friendship rings, especially in combination with carbon.


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