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Where To Buy Conch Earrings ((EXCLUSIVE))

Not necessarily. Depending on the shape and size of your ear, you may or may not be able to safely get a conch piercing. This is especially true of the outer conch piercing, which requires a somewhat flat ridge in order to be done correctly. Ask your professional piercer to recommend the best type of piercing for your specific ear anatomy!

where to buy conch earrings


Wait until your conch piercing has healed completely before attempting to change your jewelry. The conch piercing healing process is different for everyone, and some people can expect to wait nine months (or longer!) to heal completely. A pierced ear is no different than an injury in that it requires cleaning, care, and patience.

Most conch piercing jewelry falls within the 16 to 14 gauge range, with 14 gauge being the most common size for conch jewelry. Talk to your professional piercer or sales associate about which gauge size you should shop for when looking for new conch jewelry.

We love an eye-catching, thoughtfully curated ear! Tragus earrings, rook earrings, and traditional lobe piercings pair exceptionally well with conch earrings. Whether you r