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 · 翔雀 (翔すずめ)出道作品番号及封面,翔すずめ个人简介. 5. admin 发布于 “翔雀 (翔すずめ)”年纪不详 (目测约25岁上下),留着一头长发与带卷的发尾,  · 她是谁来都好,要揉就给你揉、要测试小妹妹潮湿的程度就让你手指去测试、甚至要活塞去她也不会拒绝 作品详情 GIF预览 番号代码:DASD 发行日  · 夫以外の精子が欲しくてホイホイ犯されにやってきた人妻。翔すずめ-ONEZ 详情 排序 播放地址 丝袜播放器 HD 猜你喜欢 同类型 同主演 同年份 分 HD 在無法


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味好 駅東店【酒田市】 クーポン画面ご提示の方、麺類50円引き(1クーポン4名様まで).山居倉庫 酒田夢の倶楽【酒田市】 クーポンご提示のお客様につや姫ソフトクリームを50円引き.川の瀧つるつるうどん うどん1杯に付き、50円引き.福助寿司 田尻店 円以上のお食事で茶碗蒸しサービス.割烹丸清 お1人様円以上のお料理ご注文の方 生ビール1杯のみ半額.新着 社会 政治 選挙 世論調査.プロ野球 巨人プレミアム 大リーグ 高校野球 サッカー 大相撲 XGames ゴルフ 箱根駅伝 インターハイ [もっと見る].地域トップ 各地域版紙面イメージ.テレビ 映画 音楽 舞台 本よみうり堂 サブカル 囲碁・将棋 連載小説 コボちゃん・漫画 [もっと見る].入門!デジタル部 シングルスタイル 子育て 人生案内 占い こどもの詩 趣味 旅行 [もっと見る].医療ルネサンス #フレイル予防中! [もっと見る].教育 中学受験サポート 就活 [もっと見る].ホーム ニュース エンタメ・文化 映画.この記事をスクラップする スクラップは会員限定です.メモ入力 閉じる.キャンセル 完了.震度6強の珠洲、20cmの地殻移動…地震調査委「理解が及ばない現象起きている」 科学・IT.珠洲の軍艦島、地震でもうもうと土煙…泣き出す子どもも 社会.ウクライナ危機、識者の分析 まとめ読み.孤立する西武多摩川線の謎、理由は「戦略的延伸ではなかったから」…幻の新路線との接続も目的か 経済.災害時にお金を引き出す時 通帳と印鑑以上に大切なもの 防災ニッポン.四日市のソウルフード「とんてき」…ボリュームたっぷりで食べ応えあり じもとゴハン@三重.連休明けの子どもの変化、注意深く見守って…「つい自分の考えを押しつけてしまう」 #しんどい君へ.元関脇逸ノ城が引退、春場所は十両優勝も…21年に日本国籍を取得 大相撲.戴冠式の招待状、春と再生の「グリーンマン」描かれる…カミラ王妃に初の「クイーン」称号 国際.感染症対応は政府一丸で…菅前首相「ワクチン1日100万回接種に勝負を懸けた」 コロナの先へ.中日戦 午後2時開始予定 会員限定.公園にはびこる「勝手植え」 ソテツや桜…栽培放棄?記念植樹? 関西発.千葉の限界ニュータウン「まさに荒れ放題」…「自分の土地はどこか」と尋ねる人も 社会.注目情報 PR.読売新聞オンラインからのお知らせ 偽のサイト、メールにご注意ください.新着プレゼント 【5月7日分】日曜版「クロスワード」正解者にクオカードプレゼント 【5月7日分】日曜版「数独」正解者にクオカードプレゼント 原田眞里著「NYの女性に学ぶ 個性をいかす『好印象』の磨き方」を3人に 新パズル「スリザーリンク」を解いて応募した方からクオカード500円分を10人に あさのあつこ「闇医者おゑん秘録帖 残陽の廓」著者サイン入り単行本を3人に.新着クーポン 味好 駅東店【酒田市】 味好 駅東店【酒田市】 クーポン画面ご提示の方、麺類50円引き(1クーポン4名様まで) 山居倉庫 酒田夢の倶楽【酒田市】 山居倉庫 酒田夢の倶楽【酒田市】 クーポンご提示のお客様につや姫ソフトクリームを50円引き 川の瀧つるつるうどん 川の瀧つるつるうどん うどん1杯に付き、50円引き 福助寿司 田尻店 福助寿司 田尻店 円以上のお食事で茶碗蒸しサービス 割烹丸清 割烹丸清 お1人様円以上のお料理ご注文の方 生ビール1杯のみ半額.読売IDのご登録でもっと便利に 一般会員登録はこちら(無料). Watch Official Trailer.Watch Suzume.Photos Top cast Edit.Nanoka Hara Suzume Iwato voice.Hokuto Matsumura Souta Munakata voice.Eri Fukatsu Tamaki Iwato voice.Kotone Hanase Chika Amabe voice.Kana Hanazawa Tsubame Iwato voice.Ann Yamane Daijin voice.Akari Miura Young Suzume voice.Nichole Sakura Suzume Iwato English version voice.Josh Keaton Sota Munakata English version voice.Jennifer Sun Bell Tamaki Iwato English version voice.Cam Clarke Hitsujiro Munakata English version voice.Roger Craig Smith Minoru Okabe English version voice.Rosalie Chiang Chika Amabe English version voice.Allegra Clark Tsubame Iwato English version voice.Makoto Shinkai original story screenplay storyboards.More like this.Storyline Edit.Did you know Edit.Trivia The event where young Suzume lost her mother was likely the tsunami caused by the Tohoku earthquake, which resulted in the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima Daichii.On March 11, a tsunami hit the shores of Fukushima and damaged the nuclear reactor.This might be the reason why the landscape where young Suzume was found by her Aunt looked like a wasteland.Quotes Singer : How much meaning must we overcome before we reach our destination? A modern action adventure road story where a year-old girl named Suzume helps a mysterious young man close doors from the other side that are releasing disasters all over in Japan.Menu All All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.Sign In Sign In.New Customer? Connections Referenced in AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: Remembering the True Batman User reviews Review.Featured review.I always wait patiently for the next Makoto Shinkai movie.He always delivers on beautiful animation and an interesting fantasy story and Suzume delvers on that.There are a few things I didn't like, some things I loved but overall I felt this to be a bit on the bland side.He still delivers a charming and moving movie here, but the impact wasn't really there this time for me.After following a young man to the ruins near her town, Suzume accidently awakens a demon thar protected the world from an evil that creates earthquakes.Suzume most now help Souta who has been hexed into a chair save Japan.I really love the characters in this movie.They all feel alive and independent.The movie has this road trip vibe where Suzume meets more people and see more of Japan, and every person feels like their own, even if they barely impact the story.Suzume is a character that needed more time to really shine and shown the way she feels and why she acts the way she dose but to me the creative and weird decision of turning Souta into a chair that can walk and talk is a stroke of genius.It makes the story more memorable and really shows the magical capabilities of this world.And the chair is cute no doubt.What Shinkai often do best is the mix of serious and real with magic and fantasy.This movie can be seen as a fun fantasy road trip, or a look at the abandon culture of Japan as well as the horror of earthquakes.This is where Shinkai shines, and this movie moved me to tears at the end.It has this very impactful scene with a kid calling for her mom and it really is devastating.The very end is kind of just there and while interesting doesn't really impact the story too much.In general it feels like the movie was written by multiple people with multiple visions and too much they wanted to say, but there is only 1 writing credit, Skinkai himself.I think he wanted to do too many things this time around and the middle of the movie really slows down to me and some plot points only shine in one scene and is then abandoned.The story also felt like something I had seen before and the hopeless romanticism of Shinkai feels done to death now.It had Weathering with you vibes, another Shinkai movie, and the plot points were a bit too similar to me.The animation is as always absolutely glorious and incredible.Shinkai has this eye for the small and mundane which he always but energy into as the side of an eraser that is highly detailed with logos and text.Not only the but there are these just picturesque frames that are so beautiful and detailed.Shinkai has been experimenting more and more with the crossing of 2D and 3D animation and now I feel like he is leaning more into 3D.This is for better and worse as the 3D looks incredible and some frames are still absolutely stunning, but I miss his 2D charm.The score and music is pretty good and cute, not as memorable as it used to be but it works for this movie.She brings so much natural voice work to her role and her acting is effortless.You could really hear it was recorded sound and it created this cheap and unnatural sound to the character.mickeythechamp Apr 15,


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