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Ezekiel Turner

[64-Bit] Windows 8 Milestone 3 Build 7989 Full Free Version

and we have more new features in this milestone! microsoft is now supporting user names that are composed of up to 15 characters, instead of the previous limit of only 10. this allows a user name of up to 15 characters, so you can choose a user name that isnt limited to 10 characters, such as jim_bust_it.

[64-Bit] Windows 8 Milestone 3 Build 7989 Full Version

if you want to pin a container to a particular configuration, you can do so by tagging it on an image, and then when you run it from an image, you can specify which configuration you want the container to run in. so for example, you can launch the container with the a4 configuration, and in its properties set it to run as the ``a4 configuration'' in the image.

if you have multiple containers on a single resource group and you want to enforce a particular configuration that you can only have a single container in a configuration, you can create a lock down to do so.

since it's already the 29th, just let the die-hard windows xp fans find their way to my previous post on a well-known windows xp expert site (see signature below) and tell us exactly why they believe windows 8 is a failure. they already know about the good parts and do you think they don't know about the bad parts. just let them be heard and tell us exactly why they are wrong. if you have a windows xp computer at home, please post here for your fellow windows xp fan.

thanks for the release! please try to release windows 8 by now - i can't wait any longer! i'm not kidding, this is the longest i've been on hold for a major version of anything (even nt 4.0 was released almost 10 months after the final release)


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