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Mera Saaya Malayalam Full Movie Hd Download

Mera Saaya Malayalam Full Movie Hd Download

Mera Saaya is a classic Hindi movie released in 1966, starring Sunil Dutt and Sadhana. The movie is a suspense thriller with a twist and turns, revolving around a lawyer whose wife dies in his arms, but later he encounters a woman who looks exactly like her and claims to be his wife. The movie was directed by Raj Khosla and was a remake of the Marathi film Pathlaag. The movie was also remade in Tamil as Idhaya Kamalam and in Telugu as Marapurani Manishi.

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If you are looking for Mera Saaya Malayalam full movie hd download, you might be disappointed to know that there is no official Malayalam version of the movie available online. However, you can still watch the original Hindi version of the movie on various streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Eros Now or Zee5. You can also find subtitles in English and other languages on these platforms. Alternatively, you can watch the movie on YouTube, where you can find some fan-made Malayalam subtitles.

Mera Saaya is a movie that has stood the test of time and is considered one of the best movies of Sunil Dutt and Sadhana. The movie has some memorable songs composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Lata Mangeshkar, such as "Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega", "Nainon Mein Badra Chhaye" and "Jhumka Gira Re". The movie also has some brilliant performances by the supporting cast, such as K.N. Singh, Prem Chopra, Anwar Hussain and Jagdish Sethi. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves suspense, romance and drama.


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