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Download My Little Universe for Android

My Little Universe for Android - create your perfect world with everything you need. To do this you will not only have to extract resources and process them, but also to fight with primitive monsters that will try to get in your way.


At the very beginning of this addictive arcade game you, as orange stickman, will find yourself on a very small island with burning lava all around, and your space rocket and only a few small trees growing on the island itself.

Your hero will be armed with only one axe.

You will need to use it to cut down these trees. This will allow you to get the necessary resources and fuel your rocket. It will take you to another planet, but your rocket crashes while landing and now you have to build your own unique world on this planet. Start by sending your little man to cut down trees,

For which you can then open up new territory on the planet, where you can mine new resources. You can find a sawmill and other buildings where you can process the mined resources. In addition, from time to time you will have to fight monsters that can prevent you from building your perfect wo

Download My Little Universe for Android

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