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Kuroko's Basketball Season 2 Tagalog Version Full 11: A Review and a Recommendation

While Kuroko was on the bench defeated, Kagami became the one who had to help Kuroko and unleashed his nearly full potential. His true power came out and he was able to fight with Aomine on the same level. Eventually, half time is reached with Tōō's two point lead. In the half time break, Kuroko went outside to get some fresh air and was joined by Kagami, who brought him a jacket. He asks Kagami if he enjoys basketball and tells him his past in Teikō Junior High, how he befriended a totally different Aomine than in the present. He concludes that he wants to see Aomine play basketball with a smile again.[85] Kagami says that they'll do that by playing as hard as they can and win the match.

kuroko's basketball season 2 tagalog version full 11

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They go back inside and enter the court for the second half. Kuroko is back in. Tōō starts with the offense and Aomine ends up with the ball. He drives past Kagami, but is forcefully stopped by Kuroko, who predicted his path and was able to make Aomine bump into him, making an offensive foul. He says that while Aomine knows him well in terms of basketball, the opposite is also true. He is helped up back on his feet by Kagami. In Seirin's offense, Kuroko gets the ball, but passes through to Kagami. It seems that Kuroko got back in to help Kagami's defense with his experience, but he gets the ball back from Kiyoshi and suddenly fires his Ignite Pass to Hyūga.[86] Hyūga scores a three-pointer and gets Seirin the lead. He later complains about the pass being way too hard.

Kuroko tells his new teammates about his past. From the time his basketball passion started to the time he spent with the Generat