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Windows Xp Professional Activator [UPDATED]

A wildly wrong date will break anything that uses ssl/tls, as certificates will be assumed to be either expired (if the date is in the future) or not yet valid (if the date is in the past). This apparently includes windows activation.

Windows Xp Professional Activator

If activation no longer works I've found this link -to-activate-windows-xp-without-microsoft/ which seems to be a workaround. Does this look as though it would work? If so would it let me use my CD on the laptop and scrap the special Dell partitions to gain some space?

If you looking on the internet for a Windows XP Product Key So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you all windows XP version product keys or serial keys to get enter and activate windows in 2022. A lot of people daily bases search for windows XP sp2 or sp3 professional edition windows product key because Microsft can not any update Windows XP all for manual work so this post is all about Windows XP how to activate and how to select a product key or lifetime working.

I am currently evaluating Vmware Workstation 6. I took an existing physical box (running Windows XP professional) and coverted it to a virtual machine. I then copied over the virtual machine into my host computer (also runnning Windows XP professional.

I am having a bit of a chicken and egg problem here. The instructions say to install the Vmware tools before going through the process of reactivating windows. I understand that I have to enable the option to install the Vmware tools in the VM menu, and then log into windows (on the guest OS) and run the autosetup from the CD-ROM. The problem is that as soon as I log into windows, I am forced to go through activation. If I do not go through activation, windows logs me out, so I cannot install the Vmware tools before activating windows.

I'd backup my VM using "imaging" software or even just with Windows explorer (if you are using a Windows Host) before installing vmware tools and after activating Windows. That way you can recover or revert back to an existing VM without having to re-activate windows again.

Hi, I upgraded from win 7 pro to 10. My laptop worked fine for weeks, then refused to start windows one morning. I tried the repairs available (advanced options, etc). I then downloaded the ISO file for win 10, that contains all the win 10 versions, I retrieved the win 10 pro product key from my drive, but during the win 10 installation it says the the key is invalid. Can anyone advise me, please. Thank you.

A product riddled with problems.When an update of windows TEN is done,some of my progremmes simply disappear.On windows 8 I never had any problems whatsoever.The latest problem .I cannot link to my printer. Got an expert in at great cost,he managed the link but as soon as the computer is switched off,that`s it,no more link.My ONLY alternative now is to go back to windows 8 until your team sort out all the crap on the system.

question then say that i have 2 desktops and 3 hard drives all of them have windows and i take harddrive 3 and make it windows 10 from windows 7 on computer b and then go to computer a and launch the hardrive on it useing its windows 10 why does it now say windows 10 is not activated because that happened to my 1tb that is windows 10 home please help

I previously had a windows 7 home premium original copy which I did bought spending my money. It worked well. After win 10 launch I could successfully upgrade to windows 10 and the copy got activated automatically. There were talks around saying Microsoft is giving away free windows activation this time. So i made a USB copy of windows 10 PRO in to my flash drive and I DID A CLEAN INSTALL FROM THAT VERY COPY. Now I have Windows 10 PRO not activated. I cannot activate this using my windows 7 home premium product key. PLEASE HELP!

I bought a second hand Windows XP to dual boot on my mac computer. I would love to buy a brand new copy but of course it is far too old.It installed and worked fine. The product key worked during installation. However it won't let me activate it and now it says I need to activate it in 2 days to keep using it. This is despite having followed your methods above. All I can think is I accidentally left the computer connected to the internet and it did an auto update or something. It is really frustrating that I payed for a copy of windows xp and now it has stopped working and I lost all my installed programs. I can't get windows 7 or 8 as the programs I want to run won't work and I don't even know if windows 7 or 8 would work well on my mac.

After restart, the windows activation message prompted me again to activated.What do I do now? Wait for the 30 days to be over and see if it works? I see you confirmed this in a message above, but can I do something to verify that it won't block access to my windows in 2 days when activation period expires?Thank you!Ana

Thanks for the tutorial. I have been trying to run a copy of windows XP on a Virtual Machine for a little while, and no matter what I tried it wasn't recognizing my product key, and I couldn't get it to activate at all. I followed your tutorial, and it seems to have worked with one minor glitch. Whenever I log on to the virtual Machine, it still brings me to the activation screen, but the first screen that pops up says "This copy of Windows is already active, Click OK to exit", so I click OK, and it promptly logs me off. Any suggestions?

Following these steps (Activate Now) worked very well with one hiccup: I still get the activation prompt every time - declares windows has been activated, but click OK and it logs the user out immediately. I'm curious to know if anyone has found a way through this.

Hello Eugen,so I have virtualized licence version of windows xp box and used your trick to activate, and worked perfectly fine now since it's a VM ,user ac cess it's through RDP and only problem is system times out means it doesn't ping no RDP when i go the concole of VMWARE and click on vm then it activates and ping and RDP works and as soon console times out both RDP and ping does not workhave you ever heard this before??

My Windows copy stopped working and I'm trying to hack it again! But when I press yes in the question of activating, it says windows already activated and pressing ok brings me back to the login page! so I press enter to login and the message for activation pops up again! So I'm trapped into this circle!

Hi, wondering if you could help me? I have a genuine copy of windows that I had to reinstall after replacing a bust hard drive. I got a message saying the copy of windows may be fraudulent (after entering my product code)

I have followed your guidance above. If I click activate windows it will show "Windows is already activated. click ok to exit".if I press ok then it will goes to welcome windows with the list of user acount.if i choose one of them it goes back to "windows Product Activation" which ask me to activate windows again.could you help to solve this issue?Thank you

start narrator (windowskey - U)select the link where it says "microsoft web page"it will start internet explorer - write the address "c:\windows\explorer.exe"click on start - run - regeditremove everything related to oobe and wpaevents, all keysrestart windows, boot with hirens boot cd to access drive Cgo to c:\windows\system32\oobe, replace msoobe.exe with c:\windows\explorer.exerestart windows xpsometimes it will prompt you for 30 days activation. when click on the prompt, an error message will say there's no such /a path.This works if you make significant hardware changes (a new motherboard) on the same windows xp system.voila, no more trial activation.

when i followed your steps i had another 30 trial days. i have repeated these steps around 4 or 5 times to get more days accessing windows (total days >120). and now i can not apply these step anymore. any guide for me ?

with these windows fix how-to's theres usually something that prevents the process working. maybe wrong update level, eg, worked ok with sp2 but wont with sp3. or just badly written set of steps that dont match at all well theory with practice.

Thank you! Now that I can't activate XP over the internet and I couldn't understand the person at microsoft, Your hack was easier and quicker than using microsoft! I have 2 computers in my workshop and one in the house, there is also one in my boat providing GPS and navigation AND music and digital TV. All XP. I am 69 now and I am not going to spend money on 64 bit replacments or windows 10. Again, thank you!

Windows XP, the name is enough for its introduction because it is one of the most used operating system all over the world. Still, many users love to use Windows XP and looking to download Windows XP professional edition.

I am a computer professional since 2007. Having an experience in Troubleshooting & Installation of Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Routers or any Hardware queries to Desktop PC's. Passionate & always looking forward to find out new tricks, solutions to get issues resolved at easiest way. In addition, has an interest in anything related to computer hardware & software. Always try to make every computer task easy for computer users.

The problem is that XP Professional requires activation; you get a 30 period in which to do so. Both telephone and Internet activation are rejected. Windows XP mode was made for windows 7 but I run windows 8.1, which may be why things don't match.

This activator differs from its analogues by its special stability and universality. As you can see from the screenshot, the interface is user-friendly in the style of minimalism. Graphics does not consume computer resources, so the program works quickly even on the weakest laptops and netbooks. Re-Loader activator works on

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