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Luca Richardson

Andy Lau - Unforgettable Live In China 2011 [2012]

Looking back, what is an experience at USC that you'll never forget?Being a Master's student at USC has afforded me a lot of unique opportunities. An unforgettable experience at USC was being a student delegate at the 2019 Climate Forward Conference, which brought together international experts to discuss productive paths for action. I heard from state senators, a former governor, a UN Ambassador, CEOs, journalists and more. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who led the U.S. in global Paris Agreement negotiations, delivered the keynote speech, and Mayor Eric Garcetti delivered a powerful lunch address on city-level action. Student delegates then went to the post-conference retreat at the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island, where we distilled key takeaways from the panel discussions and participated in workshops. Ultimately, we came away with a resolution outlining actions that are key for seizing our individual climate power.Another impactful experience was being the Director of Advocacy of the USC Environmental Student Assembly, where I have run a single-use plastic waste reduction campaign that has required me to communicated effectively and develop relationships with USC departments, faculty, students, and startups. I coordinated ten students and my coordination allowed them to have a sustainable practice while working to educate the USC community about the importance of recycling and the benefits of implementing environmentally sustainable solutions on campus such as mapping all water stations on campus and educating the USC community on the benefits of a zero-waste drinking water network. My main goal is to reduce the environmental impacts of the plastic products we design, use, and discard.

Andy Lau - Unforgettable Live In China 2011 [2012]


Overall, my journey at USC is truly unforgettable. The mathematical concepts and skills I learned from my classes ( especially my machine learning classes) have helped me greatly with my interview processes. Not only have I gained an academic learning experience, I got to learn and live in a different culture. I made friends, who like me, came from different parts of the world and got to learn about their culture.

I think one of the exciting and unforgettable moments is really the process of creating the lifelong friendships I have today. Through the product development engineering program, I met so many people, even a few that I live and work with. I learned both hard and soft skills as well. One memorable class was where we got to use 3-D printing to help create foot blocks to prevent foot injuries to transform the way athletics wears shoes. Additionally, I took even classes related to management, where I got to practice presentations with themes.

I think the courses I've taken at USC are the most unforgettable things. The first one is the introductory Python course I took. I think Python might be a really basic class for those math or pure data science students, but for someone who just majored in social science, and who hasn't touched math for the past four years, I think Python is a little bit hard to learn in the beginning. But once you learn it, you can suddenly feel how useful it is. And once you understand and get familiar with all those principles, you can use them to do a lot of data analysis. I think I participated in a project that was held by AB-InBev in China this summer. We were going to analyze a range of data. The firm gave us a lot of raw data in Excel, which is a lot of stuff. But I wrote a few Python things, and we filled it out quite quickly, thanks to what I learned from that Python class. This past semester, I took a web organization and development class, and we were asked to develop a website by ourselves completely. From that class, I learned not only how to develop a website, but also how to develop a website from a branding or marketing perspective. That class is the best class I've taken at USC. Also, that instructor shared some job interviews and networking skills we can use in our daily lives. So I think that class was an unforgettable one for me.

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