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Now, let's explore in-game methods to earn FC 24 coins. Playing matches is the direct route – the more you play, the more coins you accumulate. Whether in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or Seasons, successfully completing matches rewards you with FC 24 coins. Strive for excellence during matches to maximize your rewards.

For enhanced rewards, dive into different modes like Squad Battles. This single-player mode, facing AI-controlled teams, offers coin rewards based on your performance. Achieve higher ranks for impressive rewards:

Rank 1: x1 Rare Players Pack, x1 Mega Pack, 65,000 FC Coins.

Elite 1: x2 Rare Players Pack, 10,000 FC Coins.

Elite 2: x1 Rare Electrum Players Pack, 8,000 FC Coins.

Squad Battles not only provide a fun challenge but also substantial rewards. If you haven't tried this mode, now's the perfect time.

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