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Buy Straps

StrapsCo carries hundreds of premium watch straps for all major watch brands and more. Our top picks are selected based on popularity, customer rating, style, versatility, and quality. Here is a list of our best watch bands.

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The cost of a watch band depends on the material and make of the product. StrapsCo offers premium leather bands, starting at $14.99; metal straps at $19.99; one-piece bands at $9.99; and rubber straps at $10.99. If you buy two products, you get one for free.

I love my new CC 8m rope and velvet straps. The equipment is amazing and I am very pleased with the quality.I have been researching and comparing a lot of ropes and found a perfect Rope that is not too thick and not too thin, a perfect in-between for my smaller hands. The cover is medium-rough, so it does not shred your hands but at the same time offers you a nice grip for dynamic and release moves. The insides are nice and soft, so it coils very easily and is perfect for any kind of roll-up stuff. The splice is beautifully done and covered with a nice leathery cover.Straps are covered ..

We can definitely say that circus props straps are one of the most popular genres in circus art. The combination of strength and grace of the body under the dome captivates the spirit. On straps they also work in pairs, in various combinations. To do this, the straps must withstand the necessary loads. Aerial straps are a whole art that combines elements of theatrical dance and aerial gymnastics.

The air straps are attached to a triangular plate with swivels/rotation machines. All materials are carefully selected. To avoid chafing, we make leather inserts in the attachment points to the carabiner.

Seiko rubber watch bands from Crafter Blue are made from vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is the number one choice for divers and athletes. Through extra processing, the rubber goes through increased fortification. This protects the watch band from harsh elements, such as sun, wind, rain and seawater. The colors of the Crafter Blue watch straps never fade or dull. Colors stay bright in and out of the water.

Crafter Blue has the most options of rubber straps for Seiko watches. On the website, dozens of Seiko watch styles are listed as being compatible with our rubber diver straps. Customers can find a custom strap for their Seiko SKX watches. Seiko 5 Sports watches, Seiko Turtle watches, Seiko Marinemaster watches, Seiko Shogun watches, Seiko Sumo watches, Seiko Samurai watches and many, many more. For certain Seiko models, the universal strap from Crafter Blue may even accommodate the watch. The universal model was made to work with most 22mm watch types. In addition, our Seiko rubber watch straps fit numerous sized faces. For instance, the custom band from Crafter Blue for the Seiko Marinemaster is sized for the standard 18mm model. If unsure if the rubber strap will work with your particular Seiko timepiece, reach out to our customer service team. They will match you with the perfect rubber dive strap for your needs.

All watch straps from Crafter Blue, including those for Seiko brand timepieces, fit a variety of wrist sizes. After securing the strap, adjust the buckle to your preferred fit. The timepiece remains snug, but comfortable throughout the day.

Horus Watch Straps, Inc. was founded in 2014 and since inception has revitalized the watch strap accessory industry. With unsurpassed taste for impeccable ergonomic design, Horus Straps has developed the most comfortable and aesthetic watch straps on the market. Our straps are designed to perfectly compliment Swiss manufactured watches such as Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Bell & Ross, Hublot, IWC, Omega and more.

With a Milano Strap, you're not just buying any watch band. You're investing in a piece of Italian culture and craftsmanship. Our straps are made by expert artisans who combine centuries-old techniques with modern design and fresh ideas. The result is a watch strap that's both stylish and unique - perfect for adding a touch of class to your timepiece. Whether you're looking for a new strap for your everyday watch or something special for a special occasion, Milano Straps has the perfect accessory for you. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our collection today and give your watch the privileged treatment it deserves!

I looked at too many watch strap websites before finding Milano. Great to find a seller of high quality, quick release leather straps. It's the perfect shade of brown for me, not too dark and not too light. The photos on the website are accurate, it's that hard to find shade that is in-between dark chocolate brown (like Milano's Brown Nabuck strap that I ordered to compare with) and the medium/light browns. My photo was taken in full sunlight so the strap looks lighter than it does in other light. Shipping was fast to the West Coast.

By blending this rich legacy with innovative design concepts and modern technology, we are able to create some of the finest watch straps available anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for premium leather watch bands, stylish metal watch straps, or unique watch band, at Milano Straps we take pride in offering high-quality products that perfectly embody the spirit of Italy.

The best lifting straps need to be useful in any lifting session, providing the correct amount of security, versatility, and durability. Having the confidence to pull heavy and build those glutes without worrying about a slip from your lifting straps is a great advantage to have when working on PRs.

Gymreapers Lifting Straps provide the security and comfort that many lifters desire at an affordable price. These 18 inch straps are available in nine different colors. You can rely on these straps for shrugs, deadlifts, cleans, or heavy dumbbell rows.

These straps also feature three-millimeter neoprene padding around the wrist to help increase comfort and prevent pinching of the skin and bruising around the wrist. The wrist wrap poly-nylon material will likely outlast the neoprene padding though, so you may find yourself without that padding if you keep these straps for a long time.

Manimal set out to make the most durable pair of lifting straps on the market, and we think they did a solid job of it. The material is meant to last, and the longer length of these straps helps to distribute the weight being held to reduce stress on the straps. The neoprene padding is a nice extra touch for comfort, and the price is reasonable for a product of this quality.

Gymreapers lifting straps are a solid choice for someone picking up their first pair of lifting straps to even more experienced athletes. The neoprene padding on the wrists is an added comfort bonus on a pair of lifting straps in this price range.

Great lifting straps for bodybuilding need to be supportive and fairly comfortable since these sessions are often much longer in nature, and we think the Harbinger Cotton Padded Lifting Straps do a great job of offering both comfort and support. The Harbinger Cotton Padded Lifting Straps are a great fit for the lifter who needs a strap for routine use in the weight room.

A cotton lifting strap that provides additional padding for the wrists to reduce friction. These 21.5-inch lifting straps have extended length to give more grip on the bar and extra stitching to prevent frays. These affordable straps are great for beginners and advanced lifters alike.

These lifting straps from Harbinger are reasonably priced and offer solid security that should be more than enough for the average gymgoer. The NeoTek padding is thicker than most other wrist padding and offers an extra layer of protection for the skin and comfort on the wrist that bodybuilders will likely enjoy when using these straps.

These tear-drop shaped lifting straps are great for cleans and snatches because they are reinforced with triple stitching along the seams. The soft cotton fabric allows for more comfort while lifting heavy.

These Gymreaper Figure 8 straps are designed specifically for deadlifting, rowing, and strongman-style pulling. The strap is made with heavy layered canvas cotton and contains extra padding along the wrists, along with double stitching throughout to handle heavy weight. What really proves this strap as the most secure strap is the double-looping around the wrist.

There are many different styles of lifting straps. These include single-loop, which is commonly used for weightlifting; lasso, which is the most common style and a jack-of-all-trades strap; and figure 8, which is commonly used in strongman and high-level powerlifting. Since many customers have different needs when it comes to lifting straps, we included a variety of these types on this list to help suit them all.

There are also different types of materials that can be used to manufacture lifting straps, such as cotton, nylon, leather, and other poly-mix materials. Material likely has the largest impact on the durability of a lifting strap. The most common material for lifting straps to be made of is cotton and nylon, but in years past, they were made from all sorts of materials, such as leather and suede. Now there are more synthetic fibers that are available to make lifting straps extremely strong and durable (like polyester blends, and reinforced or cross-stitched cottons). 041b061a72


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